New Globe Theatre

New Globe Theatre

Interesting information about the reconstruction of the new Globe Theatre Design in London, England

Globe Theatre Reconstruction

New Globe Theatre Interior

New Globe Theatre History

Sam Wanamaker

New Globe Theatre in London, England
It took hundreds of years and the vision of an American actor before the New London Globe theatre was built. What was the story behind its conception?

Why was the location of the new construction important? Was the reconstruction based on the original theatre? Facts and interesting information about the reconstruction of the new Globe theatre! The section covering New Globe Theatre includes the following subjects:

  • The New Globe Theatre in London - the idea, inspiration and development
  • New Globe Theatre History & Timeline
  • Pictures of the New Globe Theatre and Location
  • Reconstruction - New Design and New Structure, Dimensions, building and materials
  • The New Globe Theatre Interior
  • Sam Wanamker

New Globe Theatre History
The New Globe Theatre history started in 1949 when Sam Wanamaker visited the site of the original Globe Theatre in London. In 1969 Sam Wanamaker started actively campaigning to reconstruct a replica of the original Globe theatre as used by William Shakespeare. This section covers all of the major events in the New Globe theatre history together with a timeline.

The New Globe Theatre and Sam Wanamaker
ISam Wanamaker was the American actor and director who inspired the building of the New Globe Theatre in London. This biography of Sam Wanamaker provides interesting information on his involvement with this massive building project.

Globe Theatre Reconstruction
The Globe Theatre Reconstruction was an expensive and difficult project. It was vitally important to build the replica as an authentic reconstruction of the Globe Theatre of William Shakespeare. This section covers the New Globe theatre reconstruction with details of the designers, architects, dimensions and layout.

The New Globe Theatre Interior
The New Globe Theatre Interior is as authentic as possible. Read about the features of the New Globe Theatre Interior including the pit, the pillars, the galleries, the seating and the audience.

New Globe Theatre
Interesting Facts and information about the New Globe Theatre. Additional details, facts and information about the Globe Theatre can be accessed via the Globe Theatre Sitemap.

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