Globe Theatre History

The history of the theatre is fascinating. How plays were first produced in the yards of London inns - the Inn-yards. The very first theatre and the development of the amphitheatre! The Elizabethan Entrepreneurs ( the men with the ideas and the money). The builders of the Globe! The location in London! There were two Globe Theatres! The plays, the playwrights, the politics and the propaganda all play an important part in its history. The great success of the theatre and the part that the Puritans played in its downfall and history.

Globe Theatre History
There are many subjects relating to the history of the Globe theatre. The following pages provide facts and interesting information about its great history.  

Globe Theatre History

Globe Theatre Timeline

Globe Theatre Facts

James Burbage

Globe Theatre Owners

Globe Theatre Built

Globe Theatre Opening

Globe Theatre Flags

Globe Theatre Motto

Globe Theatre London

Globe Theatre Location

Globe Theatre Fire

Globe Theatre Closed

Globe Theatre Puritans

Globe Theatre Destroyed

Globe Theatre History

The section covering Globe Theatre History includes the following subjects:

  • The History of the Elizabethan and London Inn-Yards and a Globe Theatre History Timeline - fast and accurate facts
  • A biography of James Burbage the man who financed the 'Theatre' and the Globe
  • The History of the Amphitheatre
  • The History of the William Shakespeare and the owners of the Globe Theatre - The history of the Globe Theatre Entrepreneurs. The cost of the building and the profits
  • The Early History of the Globe  - the 'Theatre' falls and the Globe rises
  • Who built the original Globe Theatre?
  • How William Shakespeare became involved with the history of the Globe Theatre
  • The Globe Productions - Globe Flags, Crest and Motto. Their part in the opening
  • The history of the Globe Theatre in London. The people of London. Why plays were banned from London City Limits
  • The history of the Fire which destroyed the first Globe Theatre in less than two hours
  • The building of the second Globe Theatre
  • The history and reasons why theatres were closed
  • History of the Puritans and the end of the Globe Theatre

History of the Globe Theatre
Interesting Facts and information about the history of the Globe Theatre. Additional details, facts and information about the Globe Theatre can be accessed via the Globe Theatre Sitemap.

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