Globe Theatre Pictures

The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 so there are a limited pictures of the actual Shakespeares Globe Theatre available.

Illustrated maps made of London during the Elizabethan era of William Shakespeare clearly show the architecture of the buildings, and these have enabled an approximate picture of the old Globe theatre to be drawn.

Globe Theatre Pictures

Interesting Globe Theatre Pictures and Elizabethan theatres in use during the life and times of William Shakespeare in Elizabethan London, England

Original Globe Theatre Pictures
It had been assumed that the Globe Theatre had been an octagonal shaped building. This assumption was based on the illustrated Visscher map engraving of 1616.  But recent archaeological evidence and other documents, such as the illustrated Hollar map, indicate that it was actually a 20-sided building. Not one inside picture of the old theatre is in existence, however, a picture of another amphitheatre, the Swan, has survived. The picture of the Swan Theatre is by Johannes de Witt, a Dutch traveller, who visited the Swan between 1596-1598. The picture was accompanied by a diary by Johannes de Witt which is probably the single most important source of information about the internal layout of the London theatres. The following links provide pictures of the original Globe Theatre together with pictures of other Elizabethan theatres. All of these pictures help to provide a comprehensive view of the Elizabethan theatre.

Globe Theatre London Visscher Map Picture

New Globe Theatre

New Globe Theatre Stage Picture

Elizabethan Inn Yard Interior Picture

Swan Theatre Picture

Inn Yard Picture

Fortune Elizabethan Theatre Picture

Blackfriars Playhouse Picture

Bell Savage Picture

New Globe Theatre Pictures
The Globe Theatre was reconstructed in London in 1997 and there are many New Globe Theatre Pictures available. Scholars and architects involved in the reconstruction looked at the information available regarding the building and the structure of the original Globe theatre from which plans to build a replica, a reconstruction, of the old theatre were drawn.

Globe Theatre Pictures
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